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Dr Sompob is An Unethical Medical doctor Who Lies to His Patients and Does the Opposite of What he Promises. Dr Sompob Sansiri Makes Extremely Wide, Crooked, Unattractive Noses. Dr Sompob Sansiri isn’t a plastic Surgeon — He claims to have VASER certification but its FAKE…look at it from HIS web site..

Photoshop FAIL!

Much more Sompob from Sp Clinic Patient Testimonials:

Dr. Pitch is extremely precise and gentle when removing rib cartilage — the scar is virtually invisible and it’s practically painless, in contrast to Sompob from Sp Clinic who has messed up numerous patients by putting the scar within the breast itself instead of within the crease.

If you’d like to see more patients who were botched by Sompob from Sp Clinic, but fixed by Dr. Pitch
You can find two ladies that I personally know that are from the unhappy Sompob from Sp Clinic patient support group.

Boy was I ripped off by Dr.Sompob from Sp Clinic — I paid him $10,000 and got nothing that I asked for.

I asked Sompob from Sp Clinic for a low radix and he raised my radix to produce my eyes appear tiny and close set. I asked him for a narrow nose and he produced my nose 3 occasions as wide as it was just before going to him. Also, Dr. Sompob from Sp Clinic created my nose added crooked — it was slightly crooked when I went to him. Plus, he cut wedges out of my nostrils that left my nostrils deformed and scarred. Many of us Sompob from Sp Clinic victims call Dr. Sompob from Sp Clinic’s workplace a nightmare factory.”

Dr. Sompob Sansiri is an Arrogant, Unethical, Greedy Liar who does the opposite of what he promises he will do, and he makes Really CROOKED, WIDE, UGLY NOSES. Furthermore, he performs alar base reductions (cuts wedges out of the nostrils) and removes the septums and replaces them with rib — on several of his patients — he falsely claims that his patients necessary this carried out to deviated septums.

Beneath is just a sampling of some of Dr. Sompob from Sp Clinic’s Patients’ Reviews of him:

Report: Dr. Sompob Sansiri
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Report: Sompob Sansiri
Category: Medical Professional Witness

Sompob Sansiri Went to have a minor cosmetic procedure on my nose and came out with all of my nose such as septum replaced with rib cartilage…which is painful and rock tough nose will not function correctly anymore and is esthetically disgusting.. Sompob Sansiri
Category: Plastic Surgeons

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Submitted: Saturday, January 17, 2011
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Ripoff Report Verified Safe
I had a revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Sompob Sansiri in Chicago over a year ago. I asked him to produce minor changes to my nose. He determined that I would require rib cartilage added to the tip of my nose to lengthen it a bit since it was too brief and also the bridge could be produced thinner. I agreed to these adjustments. I was concerned that he might lengthen it too much so I brought in pictures to illustrate what I wanted and did not want. He agreed. Prior to surgery, I asked him what I really should anticipate post-op. Singapore

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